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Meet the Team

Lifelong Dedication to Learning


Betsy Levitt



 I have had a passion for guiding young humans since I was a young human myself! I have been in the field of early education professionally for almost 13 years, and have taught in childcare centers both in the United States and abroad.

During college, I worked at an incredible child care center where I fine tuned my teaching and philosophy. I did several independent contracts around development, including one on infant mental health. I graduated with a focus in child psychology and a continued passion for brain development and teaching. I moved to Portland in 2016 and worked at Growing Seeds Learning community for close to 5 years before deciding to venture out on my own.  

I have a deep rooted love of learning and nature, and strive to create an intentional learning community where all infants, toddlers, and their families are honored for who they are as individuals, as well as what they bring to the community. I am a strong advocate of emotional safety as well as physical, and my classroom environments reflect that. I am also a strong believer in community, transparency, and collaboration.


Kiki Nelson



I fell into teaching preschool as a freshman in college as part of my work study, and through that experience found my calling.   My over twenty year career has spanned being an infant and toddler teacher, ECE trainer and administrator, and nanny.  I have a specialization in infant and toddler learning and bring my love and training in fine arts into my teaching philosophy. I am an avid promotor of emergent and child-led learning, creating (and not just consuming) music and art, respect based practices, and anti-bias approach and equity work with very young children.  Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and partners, dancing, adventuring around the pacific north west (especially to cemeteries), moonlighting as a photographer, and making music and art.  

Ashley Register



Ashley is the newest member of our teaching team!

Bio and picture coming soon!

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