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Our Enrollment Process:

Join the Waitlist

If there are no spots available in the cohort that your child would fit into, we invite you to join our wait list at PDX Waitlist   ($40 fee).

Tour/Family Interview

Once you reach the top of the wait list, when a spot becomes available, we will reach out and schedule a time to meet. This chance to connect helps families get a more in depth look into our little school, gives us all a chance to ask questions, and see if it feels like a good fit for everyone.

Enrollment Offer

Once a family has toured and interviewed, they will be notified of acceptance through a formal offer letter .  If no response is given to us to confirm, we will move to interview and tour the next family on the wait list.

Family Orientation

Once a spot has been confirmed and reserved, we will schedule a family orientation to talk more in depth about our handbook and policies and how to best support transition into care.

For more information email

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