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About Us

Supporting Tiny Humans is Our Lives' Work



From the first moment we open our eyes, we are learning.  We believe that infants and toddlers are present and active as part of their care and learning each day.  We partner each child from a place of respect, attunement, and observation to understand not just what they need, but what they are curious about and working to understand so that we can better support their natural development.   We know that humans develop in their own pace and in their own ways, and we celebrate our families and each other for the things that make us unique parts of our community. 

At Blueberry Hill we :

 Make Messes

Ask Questions

Form Connections

Honor Families

Build Community

Celebrate Diversity

Health & Safety

Children's safety is one of our biggest responsibilities. We strive to create environments that excite curiosity, spark inquiry, and allow for opportunity to safely take risks with their own evolving ideas and understanding of the world.  


As teachers that were all working in large school settings during a global pandemic, we were motivated to think about what would be best practices for the safety and wellbeing of very young children, their families, and ourselves as their caregivers.  After a lot of consideration, creating a pod community seemed to answer the most needs.  Smaller numbers not only allow for less risk with Covid-19 and other communicable illnesses, but they create opportunities for more individualized care while supporting the wonderful gifts that come through learning in a cohort of your peers.  

For the safety and wellbeing of the children in our care and our greater community, we require all eligible family members, as well as all Blueberry Hill teachers, to be vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19. 


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