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Welcome to

Blueberry Hill Learning Community

Play. Learn. Grow. 


Infants/ Young toddlers

 Our infant cohort is made up of our early movers who aren't walking independently. 

Our infants are respected deeply as a guiding force in what we learn about and work on each day.  When setting up learning opportunities to engage them, teachers look at what children are working on developmentally and consider what seems to captivate their interest.  We use open-ended and passive materials in play to promote inquisitive thinking and creative ideas, while we work on developing skills like intentional grasp and release, rolling, scooting and sitting up, tracking, communication and signing, and attachment and attunement.


Our toddlers are fast paced and on the go.  They are hands on in their inquiry, often able to communicate through their choices, words, and behaviors what they want to know more about.  Social and emotional development is a big focus during this time of life. Toddlerhood is when we first experience some of the most beautiful parts of being a human, like the early understanding of humor, the developing sense of self, and the first expressions of empathy.  In toddler world there's a lot of cooking, making, exploring, testing, considering, and wondering.  It's muddy, it's painty, it can be quite messy, and we love it!


Our Approach

As lifelong educators, we believe in the power of children.  We offer our shared experience, our deepest respect, our understanding of human development and our encouragement for inquiry and learning to create a nurturing, safe space for young children to wonder, discover, learn and grow.  Together, we draw from our extensive backgrounds in RIE, emergent learning and project approach, attachment theory, and the philosophies of Reggio Emilia to bring learning opportunities for children based in their interests, questions and developmental needs.  


What Parents Think

"Our kiddo is so happy at Blueberry Hill! She lights up every day when she walks in to see her teachers and peers. Her teachers have so much knowledge, patience, and love for all of the children and it really shows. Each day she engages in new activities and spends time exploring outside, rain or shine. We feel so good about our kiddo having such a loving and stable place to grow and explore during these chaotic times."

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